Thursday, August 29, 2013

Falling NOT in Love

Now that you've heard/read one of my awkward stories, I'm going to show you how my awkwardness luck also goes into my dating life. Over the summer I worked at a girls camp (that's why my nick name is Dot), and once every summer they host a date night for all the staff members. Since all the guys I know are gone for 2 years I had no one to go with. Sad day I know. So in hopes that by the off chance that I would get a date I posted on Facebook asking for a date. Thankfully I got a reply and a date for date night. So how is this awkward you ask. Well...

The day of the date came and my awkward senses were tingling. My friend and her date picked me up and then headed to pick up my date, Boots (for privacy purposes I am giving him a nick name). The door to Boots house is one of those with the glass door and a normal door and the normal door was left open. I knew that the date was going to be bad as soon as I biffed it up the stairs and him and his family watched the whole thing.

For the ride to camp Boots didn't really talk to me so I just talked to my friend and her date. Deciding that I needed to try and salvage this date, I started talking about the show Monk.
"Have you seen the show Monk?"
"Yeah a few episodes."
"Well I watched it for the first time in a while and I forgot how funny it is."
"Isn't it funny how some people can think a show is so hilarious but other people don't find it funny at all."
"Huh... Yeah..."
"I only like old western comedies."
Well so much for that conversation.
MUSIC! everybody likes music right?
"Ooo I love this song!"
"Yeah I don't really care for music. I actually find it annoying. I only like really old country music and some 40's rock."
We finally get to camp. Now I had been working at this camp for 6 weeks and I have visited the camp many times over the past two years. But that didn't help with my clumsiness. Somehow, my foot found every rock, root, twig, and all the other trip traps. I was tripping every other step on this date where my date wouldn't even talk to me great...

So I am used to being up there with 12 year old girls who will tell you everything including if they need to use the bathroom. Poor Boots was sitting at our table, his face bright red, looking really uncomfortable.
"Are you okay?"
"Actually where is the bathroom?"
The poor kid had apparently needed to go to the bathroom ever since we left his house.

After we ate (and he used the bathroom) we went to go on the zipline. As a staff member, I had to be the one to help him and other dates put on harnesses and hook them to the zipline. Needless to say why that was awkward (if you don't know why then Google what harnesses look like). The whole time, through this process, I just kept saying to him "Don't feel violated. Don't feel violated." The rest of the date we awkwardly sat around a camp fire with the other couples with him telling me all about these yodeling YouTube videos and saying how he actually hates music. During the ride home I continued trying to make awkward conversation. The last thing he said to me was.
"I don't really mind silences and not talking. In fact I prefer it."

The end.

Quite a catch huh :-)